Desmoplastic Small Round Cell Tumor

Information on DSRCT

Resources for DSRCT patients



One thought on “DSRCT

  1. Karl Uhlig

    I couldn’t have found a better site to encourage me at this moment. My son, Scott, was just diagnosed with this type of cancer. He is 25 years old and just finished his second round of chemotherapy last night. He is holding up pretty well physically and psychologically. He is stronger than I thought. We will be heading to Memorial Sloan Kettering in a week or so for an appointment with one of their Oncologists. I’m sure it is to let us know Scott’s options. It looks like surgery is key for the best outcome. I hope and pray that his is a slower growing type as mentioned in your report. Your site has given me the most informative information that I have read about DSRCS and I thank you….hopefully a cure or break-through soon…

    Karl Uhlig


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