National Cancer Survivor’s Day

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Four-Square Clobbers Cancer

NationalCancerSurvivorDayNational Cancer Survivor’s Day is a day of celebratory status for many children and their families across the world. This day should be celebrated to the extreme! Parties all over should be held. Families should hug and rejoice in their status as a survivor. I will also celebrate for all the children that survive and continue to beat the odds. Congratulations and may you continue to have good news!

Forgive me, but on this wonderful day of celebration, in order to have many more children survive, and to improve their long term outcomes, I must continue to express my personal perspective as a mother who lost her son to cancer or rather the inability to cure his cancer.

Ryan was 5. He was my only son. He was the baby of our family. Ryan’s smile and personality could light up the Earth. He was my world. He had Acute Myeloid…

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