Awareness isn’t only for September…
I am trying to figure out the future by looking back. I wrote this blog post at the end of Sept 2013, before we ever went to Charlotte… HOPE ALWAYS. #ChildhoodCancerAwareness


I told myself this month I’d blog about our nearly seven year journey and share our reality, revisiting all that we’ve done and seen. I’ve put off writing for weeks and I have come to realize its just too hard for me to do today. Like Cole recently said when I asked if he’d want to speak publicly about his experience, “Not yet.” I will re-tell the whole story someday (and its there all there in the journal as we lived it), but not yet. I work hard to stay optimistic and hopeful, especially when I write about our individual experience, even if I don’t always succeed. So many others are telling their tragic stories, because childhood cancer IS tragic. But our story isn’t ALL tragic. And it isn’t over. There are so many feelings that go along with that when I read the tragic stories that surround us –…

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  1. L

    Beautifully written. It helps me to understand “not to suffer” in a very real and practical way. I plan to make this “mantra” part of my everyday life.


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