Christmas and Cancer

I wanted to write a blog about the last couple months, our gratitude and how Christmas affects those in the trenches. I haven’t had a chance, but this blogger said it far better than I ever could. HOPE ALWAYS!
Love, Laura


 What do you want for Christmas? Someone asked me and I just can’t for the life of me wrap my mind around an answer. Such an innocuous question and yet it vexes me somehow. Something is wrong with the Christmas music playing here in the atrium….it is stuck on a loop and is skipping. I feel like that too…stuck…looping this fun house version of life that we are living. Caricatures of ourselves. I can’t find my way out. My sweet sweet boy has been replaced by this wounded, broken version of himself. I would complain but as he reminds me “HE’S the one with cancer in case I’ve forgotten” – As if I could ever forget. For one. Single. Second. He is the one whose body is corrupted with so many narcotics that he has become a shadow of his sweet self…. a snarling, ugly, suffering, miserable shadow. He is…

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