Could YOU walk in MY shoes?

I’m going GOLD this month and HOPE you will join me. Let’s spread awareness of childhood cancer!

As the parent of an amazingly strong, brave young man who has battled for nearly 7 years against a rare pediatric sarcoma, this cause is more than important to me, this is MY LIFE. I’m inviting you to step in my shoes for the month of September and imagine what it would be like to walk this path. What would YOU do if you were told your child had CANCER?

The month of September is about Raising Awareness of Childhood Cancer. Tomorrow I’ll post why Awareness is so important to this cause. To start the month, I am asking you to GO GOLD with me. Go Gold for Cole and the many kids fighting BIG battles everyday.
How to GO GOLD? In some way everyday, big or small, spread awareness. Share my Facebook pictures or statuses about childhood cancer. Wear gold on your nails, jewelry or clothes and TELL people why. Wear a Gold ribbon, or your Cole’s Team tee shirt and TELL people WHY. Change your Facebook profile picture or cover photo to a Childhood Cancer Awareness photo (you can find lots HERE).

Go big (like this guy) or small, just GO GOLD and represent this cause everyday in some way. And most importantly, spread the word that KIDS get cancer and are dying everyday. Spreading awareness is the first step to changing that!


Childhood cancer is part of my life everyday all year long. I’m asking you to step in my shoes for just one month, and fight for my son and the many children that cannot fight alone in just a small way that could make a BIG difference. Will you help?


HOPE Always,



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