REPOST – We Must Stop Turning Our Backs on Children’s Cancer

Another fantastic blog post about the childhood cancer experience and a call to action from Four-Square Clobbers Cancer.

Four-Square Clobbers Cancer

turningbacksWhen doctors told my wife and I that our soccer-playing, Harry Potter-reading 7-year-old daughter Olivia had cancer, we were struck with panic, dread and challenges we never could have imagined. And once we overcame the shock, we were stunned to learn that children’s cancer is a disease that’s largely ignored.

We quickly discovered that, despite all the scientific advances in recent decades, the standard of care for our daughter’s disease was essentially unchanged since the 1970s. As with virtually all children’s cancer patients, the drugs Olivia received were “hand me down” drugs: first developed for adult cancers and then tried on children. As we traveled to three major cancer centers in a desperate attempt to save our daughter’s life, her doctors — the world’s leading pediatric oncologists among them — told us that because of a lack of funding, they were in effect fighting children’s cancer with one hand tied…

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